BUNKER by Roman Liubyi / 2019 / Ukraine / 100`

They are stuck in a time without end. No one knows how much longer they have to sit in the bunker and no one remembers how they got there. But after each trial and tribulation, they become who they were meant to be.




Genre Tragicomedy
Directed by Volodymyr Tykhyy
Written by Roman Liubyi, Valerii Puzyk
Director of photography Sergii Stetsenko
Music by Anton Baibakov
Edited by T.B.D.
Produced by Igor Savychenko
Cast T.B.D.
Production design by T.B.D.
Costume design by T.B.D.
Make-up artist T.B.D.
Sound by T.B.D.
Production manager T.B.D.
Production company Directory Films
Co-financed by T.B.D.
World Sales T.B.D.