THE DEADMAN’S PATH by Georgi Fomin / 2018 / Ukraine / 90`

Thespian Mykola Veresen dies on set while acting as Ivan the Terrible. His karma transforms into the bloody murderer he embodied, falling into Sheol, the common grave for the dead. Time flows differently here and the only feelings left are fear and pain.

In hell Mykola becomes a puppet in the centuries long supernatural confrontation between white and black vampires.


Genre Black comedy
Directed by Georgi Fomin
Written by Georgi Fomin
Director of photography Yuri Dunay
Music by Prohor Alekseev
Edited by Anrdii Dovgyy, Denis Zakharov
Cast Mykola Veresen, Mykhaylo Zhonin, Evgen Matvienko, Les Pidderevyanskyy, Andrii Sereda, Myroslav Kuvaldin
Production design by Ivan Levchenko
Costume design by Kostyantyn Kravets
Make-up artists Kateryna Strukova
Sound by Artem Mostovyy
Production manager Dmytro Chervonyy
Production company Directory Films
Produced by Igor Savychenko, Roman Klympush, Volodymyr Filippov
Co-financed by Ukrainian State Film Agency
World Sales Directory Films