THE THREE OF US by Ivan Kravchyshyn / 2018 / Ukraine / 95`

A Red Army convoy transporting a large amount of cash is apparently ambushed by anarchists led by Makhno. In a twist of betrayal, the Red Army set up the attack to eliminate the anarchists. Two of the anarchists and one Red Army soldier survive, and like an American Western, they reconcile their differences to join forces against the Red Threat.



Genre Western, drama
Directed by Ivan Kravchyshyn
Written by Vitalii Potrukh, Ivan Kravchyshyn
Director of photography Dmytro Tartyshnykov
Music by Igor Andronyk, Roman Dudchyk
Edited by Ivan Kravchyshyn
Cast Artemy Egorov, Roman Yasynoskyy, Ievgen Pidnebesnyy, Alina Kovalenko
Production design by Volodymyr Romanov
Costume design by Mariia Chernysh
Make-up artists Aliona Bogomolnikova
Sound by Sergii Prokopenko
Production manager Oleksandr Chetyrkyn
Production company Directory Films / Mental Drive Studio
Produced by Igor Savychenko, Dmytro Kozhema, Volodymyr Filippov, Vitalii Potrukh
Co-produced by Oleksii Moskalenko
Co-financed by Ukrainian State Film Agency
World Sales Directory Films